Five numbers of well equipped and spacious Computer Laboratories with 250 networked computers and supports equipments like Servers, Printers, UPSs.

  • Computer programming & Graphics Lab
  • Object oriented programming Lab(OOPS Lab)
  • Language Processor Lab
  • Network & OS Lab
  • Internet & Project Lab
  • Language Lab
  • PG Lab

Computer Programming & Graphics Lab

The C programming Lab has 70 computers with Turbo C,C++ compilers and MS office packages. This Lab for I&II Semester students to practice programming in C language by implementing  C control structures , pointers, array operations, etc. In odd semesters, This lab is also used by S5 students as Computer Graphics lab for imparting basic knowledge about line, circle, ellipse, polygon filing, clipping algorithms ,implementing 2D and 3D transformations etc.

Object Oriented Programming Lab

OOPS Lab is equipped with 60 networked PCs. The software used in this lab are C++,Java, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Oracle. This lab is meant for better understanding of  the OOPS concepts such as encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, types of inheritance, polymorphism, types of polymorphism , concepts of files etc. In even semesters, this lab is used as Data Structures Lab for the implementation of stack, queue, linked lists, tree, graphs and their applications in Java.

Language processor Lab

L.P. Lab consists of 35 LAN connected Intel Core2 Duo machines running on LINUX and Windows. L.P. Lab is used for the creation of Single Pass- Two Pass assembler- Macro processor, Generation of Lexical Analyzer using tools such as Lex-Generation of Parser using tools such as YACC, Creation of type checker.

Network & OS Lab

This Lab contains 36 networked Intel Core2 duo computers with Turbo C++, Java & MASM software. In odd semesters this Lab is used as Network-OS Lab for the study of System level calls of a suitable multitasking operating system, Inter process communication, shared memory, messages, semaphores and monitors, Study of Communication protocol, Client-server programming, Distributed algorithms, performance modeling of networks, Internet programming using a suitable programming language and operating system.

In even semesters, this lab is used as System Programming lab for the Identification of components /cards and PC assembling, Assembly language programming for implementing arithmetic operations, time and date manipulation etc.

Internet & Project Lab

Internet Lab is equipped with 60 advanced PCs with 2 mbps(1:1) dedicated Internet connectivity. This lab is also used for Mini project & Main project work. The software used in this lab are C++, Java, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Oracle & MS Project.

Language Lab

In Language lab, 31 computers are installed with Digital language software and connected with head phones. Out of 31, one is used as Teacher console and 30 machines are used for students.

PG Lab

P.G Lab is equipped with 40 LAN connected computers with high speed Internet connectivity. The software used in this lab are C++, Java, Visual studio, SQL Server and MS Project.

The Labs are equipped with Laser Printers, Color Inkjet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Scanners, LCD & DLP Projectors, Routers, Switches etc.

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Windows XP on Clietns
  • Windows 7

Licensed Software

  • C++, JAVA,
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Studio( .NET )
  • MS Office 2003
  • MS Office 2007, MS Project,

Internet Facility

High speed Dedicated Internet Connection throughout the Computers.